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Optimize your NetSuite solution with our FoodQloud apps and our selection of preferred 3rd party apps and partners for the food industry

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NetSuite is a generic application that can be tailored to the specific needs of an industry, company or even an end-user with the help of apps. There are hundreds of NetSuite certified apps available in the official NetSuite App-store. Some of these apps are created by NetSuite and some are created by partners. Quistor FoodQloud develops their own food specific apps for NetSuite and collaborates with preferred partners in order to tackle specific requirements. On this webpage we present you our own apps and a selection of preferred NetSuite food apps and partners.


Food and beverage companies have to deal with strict legislation and extremely demanding customers. In order to provide these companies with a single out-of-the-box solution, we’ve enriched the NetSuite platform with several food specific standard apps called FoodQloud.


We often collaborate with preferred 3rd party developers and partner in order to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop NetSuite experience. Our partners  provide additional solutions and services that we consider of great value and can not provide ourselves due to our ERP food focus.


Due to the flexible nature of NetSuite it is really easy to make the platform industry specific with standard additions (NetSuite apps) and even customizations. That’s what FoodQloud did for the food industry. Below you will find an overview of the available FoodQloud apps.


packaging quality product specification tax netsuite 2

  • Product specification: Calculate and distribute complete food declaration. Which includes ingredients, allergens
    and packaging per item (including version management).
  • Extended inventory status: Manage inventory levels and permissions based on quality where inventory status is the leading factor.
  • Packaging: Calculate & Register (returnable) packaging per item or per order, both in- and outbound.
  • Packaging tax: Report which displays the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging material. Based on outbound transactions and the product specification.


purchase rebates suppliers netsuite foodqloud

  • Certificate management: Register and check on valid certificates and external documents per vendor. For example BRC-certificate and Bill of Lading (as document).
  • Rebate management for suppliers
  • Call and receipt: Default call and logistics date/time in orders for vendors.
  • Purchase price UOM / KG’s: Possibility to use separate pricing UOM, for both purchases and sales. Incl. KG’s



  • Sales costs: Add default sales costs (charges) to sales order transactions
  • Sales price UOM / KG’s: Possibility to use separate pricing Units of Measurement. Including KG’s
  • Order listing: Use vendor or customer (group) specific listing at order entry. Based on either historic transactions or fixed lists. Check on private label items.
  • Call and receipt: Default call and logistics date/time in orders for customers


consignment management netsuite foodqloud 2

Assign consignment-ID to commodity trade purchase orders in order to keep track of all logistics, quality and financial transactions per consignment. The costs associated with each transaction can be allocated to each specific consignment for processes throughout the chain, from import, logistics and production to delivery. Including settling (preliminary) account sale for various business models, such as commission based purchasing. By using dimensions, this is also fully integrated in the financial administration.


sales inventory overview netsuite verkoop voorraad scherm agf fresh produce foodqloud 2

NetSuite FoodQloud offers insight into inventory at a highly-detailed level. By means of setting intelligent filters on both rolling and on-hand inventory it becomes easy to create customer specific sales orders. These intelligent filters include quality codes, residual requirements and certification. During this allocation process, the system ensures that only those consignments that fall within the customer’s criteria are displayed.


pallet switch alternatives sales netsuite foodqloud signal 2

NetSuite FoodQloud can automatically signal changes in date, quantity, location, quality on allocated demand on supply. The system visually displays the impact of any changes immediately and provides re-allocation alternatives. Now you can act pro-actively in order to keep your customers satisfied.

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