Omni-channel sales (SuiteCommerce)

E-commerce is becoming an integral component of running the business for an increasing number of food companies. The omni-channel NetSuite module called SuiteCommerce enables companies to develop integrated buyers’ journeys from previously distinctly separate sales channels. A combination of online and offline. For B2B, B2C or a combination of both.

The module connects E-Commerce and physical points of sale in stores with order management, inventory management, marketing, bookkeeping and customer service.

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Optimize customer contacts and increase revenue

NetSuite offers the following functionalities


Attract more visitors to your website, turn viewers into buyers and boost your online sales with a rich and flexible E-commerce platform that can be used for B2C, B2B or a combination of both.

All linked financial and logistical transactions can be handled seamlessly within the same application. This guarantees speed and reliability for both the customer and the internal organisation.

Order management

Manage orders at one central location that emanate from numerous channels such as the telephone, online and store. Thanks to real-time insight at all locations, sales can be attained more easily. In this way, you have satisfied customers and reduced operational costs.

Point of sale

Boost turnover at your physical points of sale by providing rich digital data to the sales force and customers on location. Real-time inventory levels, supplementary product information, alternatives and opportunities to combine products.

Check-out sales are also fully integrated in SuiteCommerce, providing a conclusive cash situation that is reflected real-time in the bookkeeping.

Product information management

Consolidate and manage all structured and unstructured product information across all channels in one location. By consistently applying product information throughout each channel and outlet, you can enhance the entire user experience, boost your reliability rating, offer an insightful picture of what your company stands for and reduce your operational costs.

E-Commerce marketing

SuiteCommerce is equipped with a marketing-platform that uses available data, such as orders and productdetails, to set up and initiate automated personal marketing-campaigns. These campaigns can be used for cross-selling, up-selling, finalizing incomplete orders and loyalty programmes.


Manage all customer info that is gathered and used across multiple channels and touchpoints in one central location. This will provide you with a clear customer-activity overview. Register all preferences, interactions and transactions, so you will be able to create targeted customer profiles. This will allow you to offer a consistent customer service and drive highly effective marketing-campaigns across all channels.

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What are the advantages of omni-channel sales module SuiteCommerce?

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