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Increase the number of returning customers and orders in your webshop and grow your online revenue source.

Strengthen your webshop strategy with an out-of-the-box integrated business application with ERP and CRM

Are you one of the online food pioneers looking for a stronger integration between webshop and logistics and financial processing as your next step? Or are you thinking about selling your products via a webshop for the first time, in order to serve a larger customer group? Then we have the ideal solution for you.

NetSuite is a cloud business software package filled with all the functionalities a food company with a B2C, B2B or mixed online sales strategy needs. Out-of-the-box web shops, ERP and CRM: seamlessly integrated with each other within one application. With a single leading data source, you avoid errors and create a pleasant customer experience, where speed and a personal approach are key.

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Optimaliseer uw voedsel online strategie

We help you take the next step

Reach more customers with a webshop (E-Commerce)

Expand your commercial opportunities with a webshop. Within NetSuite, you can easily set up and launch your own webshop. Attract more visitors to your website, convert viewers into buyers and increase your online turnover with a richly flexible E-Commerce platform which can be used for B2C, B2B or a combination of both.

Central management product information

Consolidate and manage all structured and unstructured product information across all channels in one location. By implementing product information consistently across all channels and expressions, you increase the overall user experience, appear reliable, provide a unified view of your business and reduce operational costs.


Speed and certainty

All linked financial and logistics transactions are completed seamlessly within the same application. This ensures speed and security towards the customer and the internal organisation.


Manage all customer information across channels and touchpoints in one central location. This gives you a clear overview of your customer activity. Capture all preferences, interactions and transactions so you can build targeted personal customer profiles. This allows you to offer consistent customer service and conduct personalised marketing with high effectiveness across all channels.

Cross-selling (kitting), up-selling and service

NetSuite has a marketing platform that uses available data such as orders and product details to create automated personalised campaigns towards customers. Campaigns targeting, for example, cross-sells, up-sells, completion of unfinished purchases and loyalty programmes.

NetSuite also makes kitting particularly easy. This is the planning, assembling, packaging and stocking of combinations of matching items.


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