Financial management 

More than 40,000 organisations worldwide use NetSuite as their primary system for bookkeeping, periodic closings and reporting. NetSuite cloud ERP solutions provide real-time insight into all financial business processes (performance), including that of subsidiaries at home and abroad. You will be provided with a clear overview at both a consolidated level as well as at the level of individual transactions. That helps you to react and report faster.

NetSuite offers solutions for companies that operate internationally, such as central registration of customers operating in various countries, insight into inventory availability across numerous sites at home and abroad as well as automated intra-company processes. The system can also handle consolidation or working in more than one currency and/or language.

NetSuite financial management is fully integrated with other NetSuite modules including customer relationship management (CRM), order management, inventory control and e-Commerce. This enables you to streamline all your important business processes from a single data source.

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Closing accounting as well as grip on your financial processes

NetSuite offers the following functionalities

Finance and bookkeeping

Optimise your accounting processes by seamlessly combining the essence of your bookkeeping functionality with real-time financial insight.

Financial planning

Lift the quality and flexibility of your planning, budgeting and projections to the next level. With the help of intuitive role-based user dashboards and overviews at team and corporate level.


Accelerate your invoicing process, reduce errors and keep your customer satisfied. Your sales, bookkeeping and fulfillment teams work in an integrated fashion from a single data source. A transparent flow and control process reinforce a seamless invoicing process.

Financial reporting

From reporting and analysis to insight and decision-making. NetSuite offers a comprehensive set of standard reporting options and the possibility to establish your own reports in a simple manner.


The NetSuite functionality related to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) helps you to get a grip on the operational and risk management of your company. Moreover, it ensures that companies operate effectively with systems and processes.

Booking revenue

The functionality for booking revenue in NetSuite is fully justified in the annual accounts, enabling a seamless closing and reporting process.

International bookkeeping

NetSuite offers unrivalled ‘close to disclose’ opportunities that accelerate conclusion, maximise transparency and ensure compliance over all international sites. Easy and reliable consolidation from a single database.

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What are the benefits of NetSuite for a CFO?

Advantages of
financial management in NetSuite

Close with confidence

Accelerate the financial closing process while adhering to generally accepted bookkeeping standards.

Accurate reporting

Gain greater insight into the underlying details and the impact they have on your company.

Real-time information

Gain greater insight into the underlying details and the impact they have on your company.

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