FoodQloud – Essentials SuiteApp

Built for NetSuite and verified SuiteApp FoodQloud – Essentials is a set of functionalities that helps food and beverage companies easily comply with legislation and customer demands.



  1. Order listing
  2. Extended Inventory Status
  3. Certificate Management and External Documents
  4. Sales Costs
  5. (Returnable) Packaging


NetSuite is a generic application that can be tailored to the specific needs of an industry, company or even an end-user with the help of apps. There are hundreds of NetSuite certified apps available in the official NetSuite App-store. Some of these apps are created by NetSuite and some are created by partners. FoodQloud develops their own food specific apps for NetSuite 



Use vendor or customer (group) specific listing at order entry. Based on either historic transactions or fixed lists. Check on private label items. Users can either choose to show an assortment list based on manual input (the user creates the list in the customer/vendor entity record) or based on historical transactions.

Key benefits order listing:

  • Super fast creation of assortment lists per customer or vendor allows you and your customers to speed up interactions.
  • Custom assortment lists
  • Smart assortment lists based on transaction history data


An extension of functionalities with regards to the interaction between the inventory statuses and inbound and outbound transactions. Manage inventory levels and permissions based on quality where inventory status is leading factor.

Key benefits Extended inventory status: 

  • Management of inventory lot numbers in the system in one overview
  • Automatically assign default inventory statuses by inbound transaction types
  • Ability to create sublots
  • Check inventory status in outbound transaction types
  • Receive expiration date warnings during the inbound and outbound process, such as not to receive older products than the latest receipt
  • Signaling the minimum acceptable expiration date period and automatically status assignment
  • Reducing obsolete inventory


Register and check on valid certificates and external documents per vendor. F.E. BRC-certificate, Bill of Lading (as document). Certain growers and vendors are certified, others are not. You also have to deal with certificates that are approaching their expiry date or certificates for certain product groups. FoodQloud – Essentials knows exactly which of a grower’s or vendor’s products are certified for a particular customer – or not. This information is used in the allocation of goods to the customer and potentially afterwards, should a dispute arise.

Key benefits Certificate management and external documents:

  • Easily manage which of a grower’s or vendor’s products are certified for a particular customer – or not
  • Stay one step ahead of potential shortages, waste and conflicts with pro-active insights
  • Users can store certificates with a validity period in a vendor record and upload the document.


Add default sales costs (charges) to sales order transactions. Costs of freight, raw materials, employees, cleaning, change over time, etc. You need to know the cost price of a product to be able to perform post-calculation from your production and logistical processes. Once you know your sales costs you can calculate the return on investment on the products that you sell. This way you have insight in the financial performance of every individual item.

Tracking and tracing costs: Define cost structures at article, customer or customer group level. Consider bonus agreements, rebates or graduated transportation surcharges. These costs can be registered in FoodQloud – Essentials and synchronized with the general ledger.

Key benefits Sales Costs: 

  • Add default sales costs (charges) to sales order transactions.
  • Gain insight in insight in the financial performance of every individual item.
  • Track and trace sales costs
  • Synchronize sales costs with general ledger


Calculate & Register (returnable) packaging per item or per order, both in- and outbound. Includes two ways: Tight packaging and Loose packaging. Including Packaging Balance (search).

Food companies deal with, often changing, specific packaging requirements from customers. Manually figuring out the exact packaging requirement per order (and line) slows down fulfillment and increases the chance of errors. You want to automate this process.

Returnable packaging accounts for a serious amount of money on your balance. Obviously, you want to have precise insight into volumes and various types of yet to be returned (to suppliers), to received (from customers) and direct available load carriers. This way you can optimize your cash-flow and your processes will never slow down due to unavailable carriers.

Key benefits Returnable Packaging:

Automatic Packaging:

  • Use automatic packaging on order- and line level in FoodQloud Essentials to ease and speed up the packaging process.
  • The system automatically indicates per order, at receipt and fulfilment, what shipment units and – containers need to be filled with which exact quantity. So, when adding items, the packaging will be added automatically in the Transaction (Purchase Order receive and Sales Order fulfillment). The kind of packaging is displayed in the shipment containers and -units’ entries in NetSuite.

Returnable Packaging:

  • FoodQloud Essentials offers a fully integrated returnable packaging administration. Calculate and register (returnable) packaging per item or per order, both in- and outbound. With the integrated packaging registration, you have an overview of available and yet to be received empties, such as pallets, crates, kegs and boxes. The receiving of the packaging can also be done by means of a third party.

Packaging balance Report per Customer / Supplier

  • This report can be used for KPI’s and a report snapshot can be shown in NetSuite dashboards.

Demo video

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