Procurement managementI

Procurement can be a time-consuming and inefficient process. Particularly when it is still done manually through unconnected telephone calls, emails, lists and fax machines.

NetSuite’s procurement functionality remedies this by procuring the goods and services on behalf of the companies. The solution is very user-friendly for employees and saves time and money. Moreover, the solution offers insight into company expenditure and supplier performance based on real-time information.

NetSuite streamlines and improves the accuracy of the procure-to-pay processes. This is possible thanks to the automation and linking of important procurement transactions. But also by offering associated workflows to support internal controls and compliance requirements.

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Buy more cleverly and build a better relationship with your vendors

NetSuite offers the following functionalities


Use NetSuite to manage the relationship and agreements with your vendors, or to process Requests For Quotes, or to draw up contracts and to comply with purchasing policy.

Automate procurement processes

Automate your procurement from a Procurement dashboard that can be customised by the user.

Integrate processes

Combine procurement orders, article reception and vendor invoices with easily adjustable workflows, so that you can manage your cash flow.

The advantages of

procurement management in NetSuite

Streamline your payment process

Increase your cash flow by automatically generating an optimal balance between the moment of procurement and payment.   


Automatic cost calculation

NetSuite has a large number of standard methods for automatic cost calculation at its disposal.

Enhance product quality

NetSuite has at its disposal a large number of standard tools to manage vendor assortment, with the objective of boosting quality

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Automatic upgrades from the cloud:

never again have to deal with costly re-implementation

Customisation and interfaces are easy to achieve:

and are an automatic component of the upgrade process

Work seamlessly across borders:

Consolidate and control from a single application and database

Total solution:

ERP, CRM, HRM and even E-Commerce & POS

OPEX instead of CAPEX:

No prior substantial investment in permits