NetSuite for Fresh Produce

Trade fast with confidence. Real-time consignment management and control over all financial and logistic flow. NetSuite cloud ERP, including CRM, portals, cash & carry and E-Commerce.

Built specifically for Fresh Produce, 100% in the cloud, fast implementations and automatic upgrades.

NetSuite FoodQloud is the perfect solution for fast growing fresh produce traders that want to take their IT-platform to the next level. It offers extensive functionalities for accounting, consignment management, purchasing, sales (incl. EDI), logistics (incl. WMS), stock-management, quality, marketing, HR and light production, such as repacking and sorting. FoodQloud provides fresh produce traders a perfectly tailored scalable solution based on the latest cloud technologies.


      NetSuite, a complete cloud-based business software system, is built to support companies, from start-ups to the larger multinationals. All essential functionalities are available in one solution, including ERP, Supply Chain Management, e-Commerce, Business Intelligence, CRM and HRM. Upgrades are seamlessly carried out in the cloud, without the need for cumbersome projects.


      NetSuite ERP is engineered to scale with businesses as they grow and to streamline mission-critical processes. In turn, this allows them to continue focusing on what they do best and to react to new market opportunities swiftly and confidently. From advanced financials to inventory management to supply chain management to billing and beyond, NetSuite ERP gives companies the tools they need to accelerate growth and drive innovation.


      NetSuite CRM offers a real-time, 360-degree picture of your customer base and a seamless flow of information during a client’s entire lifecycle. From suspect to prospect, lead client order, order handling to up-selling, cross-selling and customer service. All in one app. Alongside traditional CRM functionality such as SFA, customer service management and the automation of marketing, NetSuite CRM also offers the option of centrally managing quotes, order control, commissions, sales projections and integrated e-commerce activity.



      NetSuite Business Intelligence offers a set of 300 standard KPIs, real-time dashboards, reports and analysis opportunities for each and every integrated process within the software suite. This enables your users to identify new opportunities and trends as well as establish the root cause of certain issues. In this way, business processes and the efficiency of individual roles can be optimised.


      Due to the flexible nature of NetSuite it is really easy to make the platform industry specific with standard additions (NetSuite apps) and even customizations. That’s what FoodQloud did for the fresh produce industry. Below you will find an overview of the available FoodQloud apps.


      consignment management netsuite foodqloud 2Assign consignment-ID to commodity trade purchase orders in order to keep track of all logistics, quality and financial transactions per consignment. The costs associated with each transaction can be allocated to each specific consignment for processes throughout the chain, from import, logistics and production to delivery. Including settling (preliminary) account sale for various business models, such as commission based purchasing. By using dimensions, this is also fully integrated in the financial administration.


      sales inventory overview netsuite verkoop voorraad scherm agf fresh produce foodqloud 2NetSuite FoodQloud offers insight into inventory at a highly-detailed level. By means of setting intelligent filters on both rolling and on-hand inventory it becomes easy to create customer specific sales orders. These intelligent filters include quality codes, residual requirements and certification. During this allocation process, the system ensures that only those consignments that fall within the customer’s criteria are displayed.


      pallet switch alternatives sales netsuite foodqloud signal 2NetSuite FoodQloud can automatically signal changes in date, quantity, location, quality on allocated demand on supply. The system visually displays the impact of any changes immediately and provides re-allocation alternatives. Now you can act pro-actively in order to keep your customers satisfied.


       packaging quality product specification tax netsuite 2

      • Product specification: Calculate and distribute complete food declaration. Which includes ingredients, allergens
        and packaging per item (including version management).
      • Extended inventory status: Manage inventory levels and permissions based on quality where inventory status is the leading factor.
      • Packaging: Calculate & Register (returnable) packaging per item or per order, both in- and outbound.
      • Packaging tax: Report which displays the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging material. Based on
        outbound transactions and the product specification.



      purchase rebates suppliers netsuite foodqloud

      • Certificate management: Register and check on valid certificates and external documents per vendor.
        For example BRC-certificate and Bill of Lading (as document).
      • Rebate management for suppliers
      • Call and receipt: Default call and logistics date/time in orders for vendors.
      • Purchase price UOM / KG’s: Possibility to use separate pricing UOM, for both purchases and sales. Incl. KG’s





      sales netsuite fresh produce kg uom foodqloud

      • Sales costs: Add default sales costs (charges) to sales order transactions
      • Sales price UOM / KG’s: Possibility to use separate pricing Units of Measurement. Including KG’s
      • Order listing: Use vendor or customer (group) specific listing at order entry. Based on either historic transactions
        or fixed lists. Check on private label items.
      • Call and receipt: Default call and logistics date/time in orders for customers


      NetSuite SuiteCommerce B2B and B2C webshops

      ecommerce webshop netsuite fresh produce agf fruit groente online verkoop
      E-commerce is becoming an integral component of running the business for an increasing number of food companies. The omni-channel NetSuite module called SuiteCommerce enables companies to develop integrated buyers’ journeys from previously distinctly separate sales channels. A combination of online and offline. For B2B, B2C or a combination of both.

      The module connects E-Commerce and physical points of sale in stores with order management, inventory management, marketing, bookkeeping and customer service.

      NetSuite WMS

      Optimize your warehouse activities with NetSuite WMS. Completely integrated with NetSuite ERP. Does your warehouse operation demand more extensive functionalities? No problem. We have a selection of 3rd party NetSuite WMS add-ons that can tackle your issues available.

      wms netsuite oracle cloud food



      • NetSuite FoodQloud is a complete ERP solution in the cloud and not just a collection of accounting functionalities.
      • NetSuite uses the same core data for their out-of-the-box ERP, BI, CRM and e-Commerce.
      • NetSuite allows you to consolidate and report in real-time over multiple (international) subsidiaries and drill-down into details.
      • NetSuite is a born in the cloud multi tenant (public) solution with an installed base of 26.000 clients since 1998. NetSuite has the capacity (the number of customers and servers worldwide) to offer the application in a public cloud. Smaller providers can only run the application on their own server or at a third party.
      • Version management: with NetSuite you are always on the latest release (free automatic upgrades). With smaller providers you never know when a new version will be released and you have to pay extra for having an upgrade performed.
      • It is super easy for all users to add custom fields in NetSuite. NetSuite offers an intuitive graphical workflow, easy form customizations and a large partner ecosystem of ready to use solutions.
      • No more vendor lock-ins: if, in the unlikely case, you are dissatisfied with a NetSuite partner, you can easily move to another partner. Including your customization.



      NetSuite is the preferred digital business platform of many companies within the fresh produce industry. 

      logo truefruit netsuite cloud erp fresh produce agf business central

      Since deploying NetSuite, Sundia has become one of the fast-growing produce brands in the U.S. NetSuite cloud supports cost-efficiency and scale by enabling Sundia to outsource business functions to service providers in a global model.

      logo fresh produce group netsuite agf

      The day-to-day operations of Fresh Produce Group made a huge efficiency leap when they implemented NetSuite, reflected in re-duced operational costs, better process optimisation and greater insight thanks to the reporting func-tionality.

      Simplicity in a complex fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) chain

      Within the food industry, we have a strong focus on SME fresh produce traders who operate lean but need broad support in terms of functionality. We offer you simplicity in the complex fruit and vegetable chain.

      Financial management

      NetSuite is known for its comprehensive accounting functionality. Consolidate multiple entities in multiple countries within only one application. Easily combine financial management with built-in BI dashboards. Including in-transit processing, fixed assets and pre-payments.

      Item management

      Easily define an unlimited set of article properties, such as size, color, origin, weight, etc.

      Manage returnable packaging

      With the integrated registration for all inbound and outbound returnable packaging you have a perfect overview of available returnable items, such as pallets, crates and barrels.

      Consignment management

      Solid reliable consignment management is crucial within the fresh produce industry. All logistical, financial and quality-related transactions are recorded per consignment and processed in an invoice (settlement). By using dimensions, this is also fully integrated in the financial administration.

      Fresh produce trade portlet

      Trade fast with confidence. With the unique sales stock portlet you can manage and sell lots in real time based on quantitative and qualitative criteria (such as grower). Both gross and net prices are automatically proposed.


      Standard NetSuite comes with a complete CRM-system, which allows you to manage customer information and sales opportunities centrally. Its powerful Outlook integration enables you to log all mail conversations (including sales orders) per customer into the CRM with only one click.


      Work with different payment methods and register ‘landed costs’ for expected and actual costs. Suppliers submit their own purchase orders via standard portals. This self-service function saves you a lot of time.

      Inventory and warehouse

      Get a grip on your inventory and incoming and outgoing logistics. Both internal and external locations can be used within NetSuite, including pallet IDs and inspection statuses. Inbound and outbound logistics can be managed with barcode scanning.

      Multi-channel sales

      In addition to the traditional channels, FoodQloud also offers sales support through EDI, web shops & customer portals (wer they can place sales orders) and cash & carry.

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