Food Wholesale & Distribution

Adding value to your customers by handling large, small and composite orders without losing speed and margin.

Efficient logistics combined with a quick-and-easy ordering process

Customers are raising the bar, demanding more and squeezing the deadlines. In both the B2B and B2C food sectors. Irrespective of whether composite orders or personalised meals or meal boxes are at issue: they lead to more complex logistics and subsequent higher costs. In addition, an increasing number of food merchants want to save costs and raise quality by optimising both the supply chain and internal logistics (WMS roll-out). NetSuite for food trade and distribution offers the flexibility and functionality to respond to and capitalise on these trends by offering more efficiency in the ordering process by using kit and/or matrix articles. Naturally with a broad range of price and discount options including the allocation of landed cost to a particular order. In this way, orders can be handled logistically with the help of mobile warehousing (WMS). The planners are supported by so-called supply chain snapshots and/or supply chain towers. The customer ordering process is also accessible and quick thanks to portals and an EDI module. Food merchants with retail outlets (stores or market stalls) receive considerable sales support from NetSuite thanks to integrated Point of Sale functionality.

FoodQloud: for wholesale and distribution

A comprehensive food solution with specific functionality enabling you to act more quickly, offer your customers more service and get a better grip on margins.

Mobile warehousing & WMS

Full control over receipt, storage and flow of your goods, even in a situation with numerous commodity storage levels. The complete pick and put-away process enables you to integrate your ERP functionality real-time thanks to barcode scanning and support from other mobile devices in the warehouse.

Matrix items

Customised products and streamlined order entry thanks to product configuration with matrix items and bills. This helps you to operate in a customer-focused manner, and minimises your superfluous inventory.

Flexible pricing

Develop flexible pricing schedules and update your price-setting as required. Introduce targeted promotional campaigns and monitor the results. Segment price setting per customer and offer appropriate discounts. Indispensable standard functionality in NetSuite for wholesale and distribution.  


Customers often buy a combination of articles that belong to or suit each other. NetSuite capitalises on this trend with its ‘kitting’ functionality. This enables you to plan, merge, repackage and store combinations of articles.

Supply chain Control Tower Snapshot

The Control Tower Snapshot is a NetSuite function that offers a total overview of your current and future inventory positions throughout the supply chain over a certain period. These functionalities enable you to monitor projected stock including adjustments in demand and supply that could potentially impact supply chain flow. This helps you to anticipate potential future issues and means you do not need to disappoint customers.

Point of Sale

Automate your check-outs using NetSuite’s Point of Sale options. These are ideal for retail outlets such as stores, bars and market stalls.

Landed cost

The landed cost functionality enables you to gain an accuracte picture of the true costs of the products you receive. So that you can allocate the costs of transportation, insurance, storage and so on to the goods received.  

Customer-specific agreements

Bonus structures per individual customer can be applied within NetSuite. Additionally, you can manage potential customer-specific repackaging assignments within the application.

Call and shipment days

NetSuite makes it possible to generate customer order lists based on order history

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