Order management

The NetSuite order management system is the red line between all departments: sales, production, quality assurance and control, warehousing, all the way through to delivery. The system ensures that a large proportion of order processing can take place systematically. This prevents manual errors being made and helps streamline the entire order management process, from intake to delivery. This enables you to submit your invoices on time and strengthen your cash flow position.

The integrated NetSuite functionality for order-to-cash enhances the accuracy of the invoicing process, helping you to better recognise your sales and deliver your end products faster.

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Automate your Order-to-Cash processes

NetSuite offers the following functionalities


Price setting and promotional campaigns

NetSuite gives you the option of centrally managing your price setting for a multitude of currencies and channels. That’s how you can maximise the profitability of your activity.

NetSuite enables you to implement numerous price levels including customer and currency prices, discount campaigns and promotional coding.

Moreover, you can conduct a gross / net analysis at transaction level, that boosts your insight into the effectiveness of your price setting. You can then adjust your pricing strategy as appropriate.

It is possible to link the prices on your website real time with the central price management system in NetSuite. In this way, your website remains automatically up to date and price errors can be avoided.


Managing sales orders

Automate your entire order-to-cash flow, optimise your processes and related alignment, and always deliver on time.

The lifeline of your organisation is the flow or accepting, inspecting, planning, following, complying with and invoicing orders. The extensive range of options that NetSuite offers for order management provides perfect insight into this process and helps you to automate a large number of steps along the way.

This helps you exceed customer expectations and enables you to complete and deliver the order from the most economically or geographically-appropriate location.


Returns management

It can happen that a customer is dissatisfied with an order, and returns it. To turn this negative sentiment into a positive vibe, NetSuite offers a range of functionalities that facilitate the returns process and associated handling. Customer communication in every phase of the returns process is supported by the in-built CRM functionality.

The NetSuite Business Intelligence functionality enables analysis of all registered returns, so that you can make strategic choices related to process optimisation and human handling.


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Order management in an omni-channel situation.

The advantages of

order management in NetSuite

A better cash flow position

With automated order-to-cash processing, you minimise mistakes and can deliver and invoice faster. That improves your cash flow position considerably.

Lower shipping costs

Do you work at more than one location? Ship from the closest location that is in line with the customer’s delivery terms and conditions.

Involved customers

Pro-actively involve your customers in the order-to-cash process with the built-in CRM functionality.

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