Commodity trade

Act fast with confidence. Real-time insight into parties and control of financial and logistics flows. NetSuite cloud ERP software including CRM, WMS, portals and E-Commerce.

Commodity Trade ERP software, fully in the cloud, fast deployments and automatic upgrades

NetSuite FoodQloud is the perfect next step in food merchants’ automation strategy. It offers comprehensive standard ERP software functionality for accounting, purchasing, sales, logistics, inventory, quality, marketing and light production (such as repackaging and sorting). In addition, you can choose standard trade-specific ERP functionalities relevant to your processes. This will create a perfectly tailored scalable solution based on the latest cloud technologies, with which your organisation can finally grow further.


NetSuite, a fully Cloud-based business software system, is built to support fast-growing start-ups to larger international enterprises. All essential functionalities are available in one system, including ERP, Supply Chain Management, e-Commerce, Business Intelligence, CRM and HRM. Upgrades are automatically completed seamlessly in the Cloud, without cumbersome projects.


Oracle NetSuite has one of the most complete sets of ERP functionalities on the market. From financial management, purchasing, sales (incl. EDI), inventory management, quality, production, logistics, to inventory and warehouse management. Multi-site, multi-currency and multi-country. Consolidate easily across multiple (international) entities.


The CRM module in NetSuite provides a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers. It provides a seamless flow of information throughout the customer lifecycle. From suspect, prospect, lead, customer order, marketing automation, order handling to up-selling, cross-selling and customer service. All in one app. NetSuite CRM also offers the ability to centrally manage quotes, order management, commissions, sales forecasts and integrated e-commerce activities. 


NetSuite Business Intelligence provides a set of 300 standard KPIs, real-time dashboards, reporting and analysis capabilities for all integrated processes within the software suite. This allows your users to discover new opportunities and trends and identify the cause of issues. Thus, business processes and the efficiency of individual roles can be optimised.


Traders around the world are making the move to the cloud with NetSuite ERP software. The traders below have already gone before you.

logo truefruit netsuite cloud erp fresh produce agf business central

Since rolling out NetSuite ERP, Sundia has become one of the fastest-growing AGF companies in the US. NetSuite cloud supports cost-efficiency and scalability, by enabling Sundia to outsource many processes within a global business model. 



Alto Vida manages to ship its products with short THT faster and minimise paperwork with NetSuite ERP. From logistics to finance, Alto Vida has made its processes more efficient across the board and gained more insight.

logo fresh produce group netsuite agf

Fresh Produce Group’s day-to-day operations have become a lot more efficient since implementing NetSuite. Operational costs have fallen, logistics processes have been streamlined and there is now more insight thanks to built-in reporting capabilities


NetSuite is basically a generic solution that can very easily be made industry-specific using NetSuite Apps. FoodQloud is an ERP implementation partner with a focus on the food industry. Especially within the AGF sector, we have extensive ERP experience. We have translated this experience into the following series of NetSuite apps.



This module contains the basic functionalities that are indispensable for traders. Together with the basic NetSuite ERP, CRM and BI solution, this is the perfect scalable trade-specific application that will accelerate your ambitions.

Lot administration

Within the trade, good batch administration is crucial. All logistical, financial and quality-related transactions are tracked per batch and processed in a settlement. By using dimensions, this is also fully integrated into the financial administration.

Sales Stock Screen

Act fast with certainty. Using the special sales stock screen, you can manage and sell batches in real-time on the basis of quantitative and qualitative criteria (such as grower). Both gross and net prices are automatically suggested.

Signal function and pallet change

Quick trading with certainty. Using the special sales stock screen, you can manage and sell batches in real-time on the basis of quantitative and qualitative criteria (such as grower). Both gross and net prices are automatically suggested.

FoodQloud Essentials

 This module consists of a set of essential functionalities for all types of food and beverage companies, including traders.

Comprehensive stock status

Manage stock levels and permissions based on quality characteristics, with stock status being the leading factor.

Packaging / empties

Calculate and register (empty) packaging and carriers per item or order, both inbound and outbound. Incl. empties balance reporting

Certificates management and external documents

Register and check for valid certificates and external documents per supplier.E. BRC certificate, Bill of Lading (as document).

Cost of sales

Add standard sales charges to sales orders

Order list and call and receipt days

Use supplier or customer (group) specific order lists when entering one order. Based on both historical transactions and fixed lists. With a specific check for private label items. Standard call and logistics dates/times for customer orders.


Purchasing and Party Administration

  • Checking for mandatory supplier details
  • When creating a purchase order, a lot card is automatically created.
  • Multiple settlement methods, such as commission, fixed purchase and minimum guarantee
  • Transito registration and VAT handling
  • When creating a purchase order, configurable lot numbers/batches are automatically created.
  • Counter registration
  • GGN registration
  • Weigh items
  • Pallet registration
  • Container registration
  • Airway bill registration
  • License plate registration
  • Verification of required documents and certificates
  • Registration of batch costs (landed costs) on both aflafer and service providers.
  • Within the application, you can distribute costs in various ways.
  • Triggering batch costs after the purchasing process, such as import duties and/or storage costs
  • It is possible to allocate batch costs afterwards
  • E-mail and PDF communication to both offloaders and service providers
  • Prepayments
  • Integrated returns processing
  • Link with multiple OCR applications for NetSuite, as well as 3rd party
  • Sign-off/sales report to supplier
  • Settlement/account sale to supplier.
  • You can also calculate a preliminary account value in advance to determine gross margin based on expected cost price.

Sales Stock Screen 

  • Generate price lists based on current stock
  • Support commission sales (open price sales)
  • Transito registration and VAT handling
  • With the sales stock screen you have a central and up-to-date overview of all stocks, including displays of e.g. quality reporting
  • The sales stock screen is accessible from multiple angles, such as sales, production, transfer and purchase. Wherever stock plays a role in the process, you have insight.
  • Sales of both rolling stock and existing stock.
  • Counter registration
  • GGN registration
  • Weigh items
  • Pallet registration
  • Plate number registration
  • Register sales costs on your sales orders, both based on fixed values and dynamically (e.g. transport costs)
  • Start a work order from sales (production/packaging)
  • Signal function in case of mismatch between supply and demand, e.g. late arrival of ship
  • Palletswitch function to visually adjust supply and demand and automatically shift tracing.
  • E-mail and PDF communication to both customers and service providers
  • Integrated complaint handling
  • Integrated returns handling

Stock and logistics

  • Fixed article properties
  • Variable lot/batch properties
  • Support of own and external warehouses possible within the application
  • (Integration with) WMS functions
  • Direct stock corrections from batch
  • Direct stock transfers from batch
  • Transfer orders and stock screen
  • Carriers and transport rates
  • Production, repackaging and packing

Production orders and lot map

  • Production orders and stock screen
  • Output and consumption registration.
  • Production costs.


  • Stock status as a qualitative assessment of a lot/batch
  • Possible interfacing to external quality parties, for automatic input of quality reports


  • Each batch card is assigned a unique dimension within the general ledger. This allows you to report accurately per batch.
  • Because you have a flawless insight into the exact purchase costs, production costs and selling costs, you have a clear understanding of the gross margins, from a sales, purchasing and product perspective.


NetSuite FoodQloud is the perfect next step in your growth strategy. Would you like to know more about the product, references and our additional services? Then request the comprehensive brochure.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce B2B and B2C webshops

ecommerce webshop netsuite fresh produce agf fruit groente online verkoop

For more and more AGF traders, E-Commerce is becoming an integral part of their operations. The omni channel NetSuite module SuiteCommerce enables companies to turn separate sales channels into an integrated buyer journey for its customers. Online combined with offline. For B2C, B2B or a combination of both.

The module connects E-Commerce and physical point-of-sale shops with order management, inventory management, marketing, accounting and customer service.

NetSuite WMS

NetSuite Optimise your warehouse operations with the fully integrated WMS system for NetSuite

wms netsuite oracle cloud food


  • NetSuite FoodQloud is a complete ERP software package in the cloud and not just a collection of trading functionalities.
  • Mobile usage: anywhere and anytime your application at your fingertips.
  • Continuity and continued application development: NetSuite has 40,000 customers and 7,000 employees worldwide. There are also hundreds of NetSuite partners worldwide who provide input for the solution’s further development.
  • No dependence on the ERP implementation partner: if, in the worst case, you get tired of a NetSuite partner, you can easily move to another partner. Including your customisation.
  • The type of cloud offered: NetSuite has the capacity (the number of customers and servers worldwide) to offer the application in a public cloud. Local players can at most run the application on their own server or at a third party. Running costs are a lot lower with NetSuite (economies of scale).
  • Version management: with NetSuite, you are always on the latest version (automatic upgrades). With local players, you depend on when they finish a new version and you always have to pay to have it upgraded.
  • Collaborate with your own suppliers and customers via the standard NetSuite portal. Central management of current and historical quotes and invoices in one location that both parties can access. This allows you to work transparently and in a structured way with your relations.
  • Manage all supplier and customer info in the integrated NetSuite CRM app. One central data source for your ERP and CRM functionality. No interfacing between different systems. Save time by eliminating data retyping and the associated risk of making mistakes


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