Quality management

Food companies regard food safety as one of their most important priorities. Every day you have to deal with the force field between, on the one hand, complying with stringent legal regulations (such as the General food Law, HACCP and the Packaging Tax), and the ability to operate quickly and flexibly on the other. You need to be able to react to a recall or to your customers’ changing quality requirements.

NetSuite helps you to handle these challenges by systematically registering and complying with procedures and flows related to Quality Assurance (QA), tracking & tracing as well as automated quality controls (QC). NetSuite turns quality management into an easy and paperless process within relevant departments.

Moreover, NetSuite offers a broad range of functionalities for recording and handling complaints.

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Comply with legal regulations and operate quickly at the same time

NetSuite offers the following functionalities


Roles, tasks and authority

NetSuite enables you to allocate various roles and associated tasks and authority to the staff of your quality department. Standard roles can be adjusted if desired and you can also allocate quality-related tasks or authority to persons holding another role in the organisation.

Quality assurance reports

NetSuite has a comprehensive set of standard quality assurance reports at its disposal. Amongst others for the inspection of the progress of a row of batches and specification overviews.

Procedures and flows are easy to deploy

NetSuite enables you to deploy your quality assurance procedures (QA) with their associated workflows very easily indeed. Thanks to drag-and-drop functionality, you can create flows yourself in which you indicate who has to approve what when in whatever situation, including the inspection criteria. In this way, you guarantee compliance with the pre-determined quality policy.

Paperless inspection

A special NetSuite tablet, smartphone and smartwatch interface can conduct paperless quality controls. Inspection can be carried out in real time with the help of simple ‘big buttons’.

Automated inspection

Complying with your quality assurance procedures is made easy thanks to the associated controls (QC). This means you can carry out an automatically pre-set inspection during or just after the production process. Only if this batch has been inspected by an employee is it released to the system for sale. Incoming goods or semi-manufactured products can also be inspected in this way.

Complaint handling

Incoming complaints from customers, vendors or employees can be processed easily, after which automatic follow-up is initiated. Lots can be blocked immediately and track & trace procedures set in motion. Or an employee can automatically be instructed to arrange for return reception. This manner of complaint handling – defined by you in advance – ensures a consistent and structured follow-up process.

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A short demonstration of NetSuite’s possibilities

Advantages of NetSuite quality

You can implement processes, flows and inspection thanks to drag-and-drop functionality

You can receive paperless assignments and inspect them with tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches


Rapid delivery and inspection of incoming goods thanks to real time processing of controls

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