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It is not always easy to gain an accurate overview of the status of your company. Information is often stored in different systems, and manual data entry in the various applications is time-consuming and error-sensitive. Without reliable information, it is difficult to take clever decisions and optimise processes. You need clarity and insight to do that.

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics offers a set of 300 standard KPIs, real-time dashboards, reports and analysis opportunities for each and every integrated process within the software suite. This enables your users to identify new opportunities and trends as well as establish the root cause of certain issues. In this way, business processes and the efficiency of individual roles can be optimised.

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Insight into performance in order to optimise processes

NetSuite BI offers the following advantages

Insight into process performance

Real-time insight into business performance for each and every function, from overview level right down to transaction level.

Data uniformity

Only one version of the truth, because all data to be analysed comes from one single source.


NetSuite is fully cloud-based. With access through the web browser on every device, you can review your BI dashboards, analyses and reports.

Easy to personalise

End users can assemble dashboards easily to simplify their daily work. At a strategic level as well, company-wide dashboards can be set up without a large dose of technical know-how being required.

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NetSuite SuiteAnalytics in a nutshell

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