Human resource management

Fundamental HRM options in NetSuite can be expanded into the SuitePeople module. This aims to enable your most valuable asset – your staff – to work effectively and enhance their motivation and commitment.

SuitePeople offers the possibility to streamline employee information, job applications, salary administration (payroll), promotional campaigns, expenses and unusual circumstances (such as compensation) from one application. Moreover, requests for leave can be submitted to the system and working hours can be recorded (on a project basis as well).

Managers and HR professionals use organograms and maps in NetSuite to help employees navigate and work effectively. Holiday rosters and application processes can also be monitored and processed in NetSuite.


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NetSuite HRM

NetSuite SuitePeople offers the following advantages:

Worldwide reach

Access to your staff files at any moment, all over the world. Thanks to HR localisation, you can work across the globe.

Worldwide reach

Built on the worldwide platform, expanded with HR localisation, so that companies all over the world can manage their personnel files.

Role-based security

Advanced role-based security enables leaders, managers, supervisors and employees to support themselves and their teams.

Unified access

Part of the uniform data model that enables people to report information without a hitch as well as to analyse from a services, workfloor and warehouse perspective.

Universal data

The SuitePeople module makes personal information available throughout the organisation. That’s how all departments can work from one pre-eminent data source, meaning that information never has to be entered twice.

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What are the advantages of SuitePeople (HRM)?

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Automatic upgrades from the cloud: 

never again have to deal with costly re-implementation

Customisation and interfaces are easy to achieve

and are an automatic component of the upgrade process

Work seamlessly across borders:

Consolidate and control from a single application and database

Total solution:

ERP, CRM, HRM and even E-Commerce & POS

OPEX instead of CAPEX:

No prior substantial investment in permits