‘With one central system we align the entire brewery’

The brew masters of the Texelse Bierbrouwerij have been brewing their own craft beers since 1999. Texels craft beer is brewed exclusively from natural resources, including true Texel barley. This makes all the specialty beers into one pure Texel product. What started off with enthusiastic hobby brewers, is now a passionate team led by a brew master, which ended up in numerous awards for the Texel beer. In just over 20 years, the brewery was able to grow to a mature professional business that combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary technology. To allow the next step in this impressive growth process, the Texelse Bierbrouwerij decided to implement a new ERP solution. Thijs Weber, CFO at Texels Brewery: ‘With NetSuite + Crafted ERP of FoodQloud we opt for a future-proof cloud-based business application, specifically tailored for breweries. The goal is to integrate all our processes so we can work more efficiently and get a more comprehensive insight.’

Increasing capacity without compromising on quality

The Texelse Bierbrouwerij is anchored on Texel, but they want to connect ‘our island beer’ to the mainland. The beer is brewed with a ‘no-nonsense’ mentality and with their own twist. Quality in the broadest sense of the word is an important aim. It is important to maintain this standard of quality, according to Thijs Weber: ‘Due to the growth of the organization it is sometimes difficult to deliver sufficient inventory with limited capacity. The implementation of a company-wide ERP solution will help us maximize the return on our product capacity.’

Working with one integrated ERP system

With the implementation of one integrated business application for financial management, procurement, sales, CRM, inventory management, production and quality assurance, Texelse Bierbrouwerij wants to reduce the number of manual data entries and increase the manageability of processes. Thijs Weber: ‘We can save a lot of time and minimize the number of errors. Currently, we are using many different systems and Excel sheets for documenting information. In fact, some matters are still even documented on receipts. With one central system we can align the entire data stream within the brewery. Efficient control that gives us a comprehensive insight and allows us to improve the maneuverability of the organization.

Phased implementation of NetSuite + Crafted ERP

The Texelse Bierbrouwerij and implementation partner FoodQloud take a phased project approach with the ERP project to gradually guide the core users and minimize the stress on the daily routine. The most important objective of the first phase is getting a more comprehensive insight in the flow of goods by means of a balanced stock administration with real-time insight. This applies to procurement, productions and sales functions, where tracing and costing are easily safeguarded. The product administration will also be designed to support the flow of goods and products.

Quality as key indicator

Once a comprehensive insight is gained of the flow of goods, Texelse Bierbrouwerij focuses on introducing quality as guiding principle for all its business processes. With the Quality Assurance (QA) functionality in NetSuite they can connect the status of the inventory to the batches. With the Quality Control (QC) option the quality controls can be executed. In addition to QA and QC, NetSuite offers faster tracking and tracing of products and extensive possibilities to register and respond to potential complaints.
Dynamic real-time financial reporting

The Texelse Bierbrouwerij strives for a more efficient and rich financial administration, with uniformity as one of the KPIs. Thijs Weber: ‘Think of dynamic financial reports, linked to up-to-date transactions. This gives us with a real-time insight in the business performance. Currently, this is often calculated manually with data exports to an external BI application. This is a time-consuming, personal and error-prone process.’

Brewery-specific features

During the second phase of the project, Texelse Bierbrouwerij will implement more brewery-specific features of the NetSuite native add-on Crafted ERP. These include standard branch-specific components such as excise duty administration, fermentation management and recipe management. In addition, the application enables tank readings with full batch registration, a brewing production log and quality registration. Thijs Weber: ‘We can also visualize tanks and the contents in the system. The strong visual aspect makes NetSuite + Crafted ERP utmost intuitive and is also implemented in the graphic production planning of the tanks.’