Correct and well-timed analytics are the basis of any important business decision. With the right metrics, business can be confident that the choices they make to grow are substantiated by accurate and timely information. Better yet, when used properly, analytics enable businesses to recognize patterns that can predict and work towards the best possible outcomes. NetSuite SuiteAnalytics provides real-time Saved Searches, Reporting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Dashboard and Workbook features that are built into the NetSuite solution.

SuiteAnalytics Workbook

With SuiteAnalytics Workbook, users can easily and securely explore their data, create sophisticated criteria filters with real-time visualizations. Data can be further analyzed using the Workbook pivot and chart capabilities, with intuitive drag-and-drop interactions. Workbooks can be saved, shared, reused with content easily deployed in NetSuite dashboard as portlets.

SuiteAnalytics Workbook enables business users to liberate insights buried in their data improving their core operations. Workbook enables the identification of new opportunities, discovering unexpected business problems and building processes to enable continuous learning and feedback.

Features of the Workbook include:

  • Pivoting to understand details behind the data better, comparing performance, identifying trends and issues, and making good decisions quickly.
  • Charting to enable decision makers to see analytics presented visually, so they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns including drill down into charts and graphs for more detail.
  • Updated data model with ability to define multiple joins, support of custom fields.
  • Datasets provide a single source of data for domain specific analytic. These are reusable components across multiple workbooks enabling easier management and consumption of the analytics.
  • Dashboard portlets can display analytic components, giving the business users access to key business critical analytics components for faster decision-making.
  • Templates are available in various business domains enabling faster business value.

suiteanalytics workbook

SuiteAnalytics Saved Search

NetSuite’s search functionality provides a valuable tool for filtering and matching data to answer all sorts of business questions. A Saved Search is a list of real-time results based on criteria and filters. Virtually, any kind of record in NetSuite can be the basis of, or included in, a Saved Search. Saved Searches can either be private or shared with others. Saved Searches can be set in their own portlets or placed as shortcuts on dashboards, providing quick access to custom metrics. They are easily updated, with a simple click. Saved Search results can be shared with other users, results can be sent automatically via email to selected recipients, search results can be sent via email at scheduled intervals and/or when results are updated without needing to rerun the search. Saved Searches can be exported in Excel, CSV and PDF formats.

suiteanalytics saved search

SuiteAnalytics Reports

NetSuite leverages SuiteAnalytics to provide a set of standard and customizable reports for nearly all transaction types. Reports can be modified, and custom reports can be created based on the business needs with the tools provided within the platform. With drill-down capability, business users can quickly and easily move from a summary level directly to greater detail, and access real-time information to proactively manage for better results.

suiteanalytics report

SuiteAnalytics KPI

Key Performance Indicators are a powerful way to present business-critical information at a glance, saving valuable time for the user. KPIs can be easily added to a NetSuite Dashboard to improve efficiency and business agility. There are multiple ways to visualize KPIs with ability to drill down, providing an easy and intuitive way for the users to interact with their data. Users can create custom tabs for additional KPI information.

suiteanalytics kpi

SuiteAnalytics Dashboard

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics real-time dashboards provide our customers intelligence from a single system of record across all areas of the company—from accounting and sales, to fulfillment and support. The dashboards can be customized to drive maximum productivity and the actionable insight to meet the dynamic changing needs of your business.

SuiteAnalytics Connect

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Connect Service provides the ability to archive, analyze and report on NetSuite data using a third-party tool or any custom-built application on any type of device using Windows, Linux, or OS X operating system.

Dashboard SuiteAnalytics Connect

NetSuite Connect offers ODBC, JDBC and ADO. NET drivers that enable connectivity to variety of applications, including Microsoft® Excel, BIRST, Adaptive and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

suiteanalytics connect

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