Get a grip on production processes, insight into cost and margin and into optimal deployment of people and equipment.

From comprehensive support of planning, production orders and workfloor integration through to writing off resources.

As a food producer, you must have the flexibility to capitalise on trends and market demand. Margins are under pressure, but that doesn’t mean you can stop innovating. Optimal alignment of that force field is essential in order to continue to grow. This is made possible by your entrepreneurial instinct in the food production sector in combination with the functional and technological possibilities of FoodQloud.

FoodQloud offers total support for your production process, from planning to execution, over more than one site. That gives you the grip you require on production processes, insight into cost and margin and into optimal deployment of people and equipment. Welcome in all those demanding customers!

Easily align production and customer demand, without losing margin

FoodSuite supports the production process in the following areas.

Planning and plan board

Demand automatically aligned with supply (resources, equipment, people). Minimise set-up times and optimise inventory.

Supply chain management

Manage external production centrally and monitor progress. Get a grip on your supply chain.

Quality assurance

Define control processes and routines (including approved / rejected criteria). Collate the results and monitor batch quality in real time.

Workfloor automation

Get real-time updates from the workfloor through MES output, the interactive tablet app and traditional barcode scanning.

Management of production orders

Draft new production orders, make them accessible and monitor progress through FoodSuite.

Produce to stock and per order (including projections and private label)

Align capacity to customer demand and vice versa. Produce strategically in advance on the basis of automatically generated projections (including blank production orders) or on the basis of targeted private label projections. NetSuite can handle all shapes and sizes.

Managing production data

Manage all your production data from one central location. Take fewer unnecessary intermediate steps with the risk of errors, and ensure faster market entry of new products.

Managing sales orders

Accept assignments reliably and assure yourself that you are offering the right product at the right price from the correct production site.

SSCC labels

Do you supply the retail industry? If so, SSCC labels are indispensable. An SSCC code enables you to allocate a unique number to a load carrier such as a pallet or crate, for identification purposes. That helps customers and suppliers communicate more efficiently and simplifies tracking & tracing in the event of a recall. NetSuite can automatically generate labels and print them for the allocated SSCC codes.

NetSuite food references


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Choose FoodQloud

Because only a 100% solution is good enough.

Automatic upgrades from the cloud: 

never again have to deal with costly re-implementation

Customisation and interfaces are easy to achieve

and are an automatic component of the upgrade process

Work seamlessly across borders: 

Consolidate and control from a single application and database

Total solution:

ERP, CRM, HRM and even E-Commerce & POS

OPEX instead of CAPEX:

No prior substantial investment in permits