Are you an ambitious food entrepreneur? Then it is time for the next step:

NetSuite,  the #1 cloud software suite

NetSuite ERP, CRM and e-commerce for ambitious food & beverage companies

Quistor FoodQloud helps rapidly-growing food producers and merchants to take the next step. Ambitious entrepreneurs who challenge both themselves and the standard. Companies that work lean and clean and expect the same from their software.

Since 1998, Quistor has served a broad range of European customers in food and non-food with ERP solutions, of which Oracle products are the cornerstone. Since NetSuite became part of Oracle in 2016, Quistor too incorporated the world’s # 1 cloud software suite in its portfolio as of 2018.

The NetSuite platform

One unified cloud business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM
and ecommerce for more than 25,000 customers.

This is FoodQloud

The latest generation of company software for food specialists.

Out-of-the-box food software

  • Fully comprehensive and designed upfront
  • ERP, CRM, E-Commerce all in one package
  • Including portals, SCM, HRM and BI
  • Multi-site, country & currency

Cloud software suite

  • Safe
  • Flexible scalability
  • Automatic upgrades
  • From Capex to Opex instead of monthly payments.

All-in-one monthly fee

  • Software
  • Cloud services
  • Support
  • Implementation (optional)

Focus on standard functionality

  • Focus on Apps instead of tailor-made
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Faster implementations
  • Based on best practice

Our food IT consultants

  • Speak your language
  • Have considerable experience
  • Know the food trends and developments
  • Have a large network at their disposal

Rapid and predictable projects

  • Fixed price and scope
  • Customisation and integration guaranteed during upgrades
  • Always the last version, automatically and without expensive migration

News from FoodQloud

6 Ways Inventory Dashboards Maximize Visibility & Profitability

6 Ways Inventory Dashboards Maximize Visibility & Profitability

Ongoing supply chain disruptions and rising prices due to inflation mean many business leaders are hyper-focused on controlling inventory and understanding the impacts on cash flow and profitability of holding excess stock, or not having enough. If your needs are straightforward, you may be able to get by with a basic inventory management system. If, however, you stock, sell and fulfill items in more than one location, a system that provides visibility into stock levels across all your sites enables you to optimize your inventory and get products to customers the quickest and most cost-effective way possible.

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Essential Metrics and KPIs for Procurement Success

Essential Metrics and KPIs for Procurement Success

As companies authorize more people to make purchasing decisions, controlling expenses becomes more difficult. Lack of visibility into what is being purchased, poor coordination among departments and insufficient management oversight can lead to unsustainable operating costs.

Companies can avoid many of these problems by standardizing the procurement process and making sure it’s consistently followed by the entire organization. And since you can’t manage what you can’t measure, having the right metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in place is also critical for success.

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NetSuite Supply and Demand Planning

NetSuite Supply and Demand Planning

NetSuite Demand Planning supports both demand and supply planning capabilities. NetSuite Supply and Demand Planning helps balance supply and demand in a way that provides businesses the right combination of cost control, accurate lead times and service level. Using inventory management and demand planning techniques combined with a robust scheduling engine and predictive analytics, NetSuite Supply and Demand Planning helps businesses to make informed decisions which ensure product availability while keeping excess inventory to a minimum.

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How NetSuite Powers DevOps Pipelines with SuiteCloud Platform Developer Tools

How NetSuite Powers DevOps Pipelines with SuiteCloud Platform Developer Tools

NetSuite’s SuiteCloud developer platform provides solutions for software developers that deliver agility and control over every stage of your company’s software development lifecycle management process. Implementing continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) techniques to build better quality software faster has never been easier with the Platform developer solutions now available in NetSuite. Let’s take an in-depth look at how teams can realize the benefits of automated build, test, integration and distribution of custom objects and applications created for NetSuite accounts, including the ISV solutions built and offered by SuiteCloud Development Network partners.

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Remove Complexity, Manual Effort with Unified Financials and Ecommerce

Remove Complexity, Manual Effort with Unified Financials and Ecommerce

When ecommerce is natively unified with ERP, CRM, order and inventory management, you gain an unprecedented level of real-time visibility designed to make more informed business decisions. You’ll be able to see, for example, what products are moving best in a given region or with a given buyer persona. And, because you won’t need to integrate front-end ecommerce and back-end business systems, you’ll no longer need to manage separate systems and stumble through manually importing data to get everything to work together.

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How NetSuite Scales as Your Business Grows

How NetSuite Scales as Your Business Grows

When an organization procures a cloud-based technology solution, like financial management software and similar business management applications, the solution provider generally stipulates specific service characteristics that identify usage parameters within the account, like monthly transaction volumes, number of users, file storage limits and concurrent processing.

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