NetSuite and

Fresh Produce


NetSuite enables Fresh Produce Group to work faster and smarter

Een efficency-slag, het drukken van operatiekosten en het optimaliseren van processen en inzicht middels rapportage.

Fresh Produce Group is one of the most progressive fruit and vegetable specialists in Australia. Their day-to-day operations made a huge efficiency leap when they implemented NetSuite, reflected in reduced operational costs, better process optimisation and greater insight thanks to the reporting functionality.

Former situation With a financial solution based on DOS, complemented by numerous Excel spreadsheets, Fresh Produce Group operated for decades at a very basic level. But they kept running into the same problems like lack of insight and overview at both financial and inventory level. Manual forecasting and stock control processes were time-consuming and error-sensitive. Many hours were lost every week in localising pallets in the warehouse and many products reached and even exceeded their shelf-life dates.

Working with NetSuite Initially, Fresh Produce Group implemented the NetSuite modules for bookkeeping, inventory management, order management and CRM purposes. Later, they had a customised NetSuite module developed to manage pallet movement, integrated with radio frequency technology for scanning barcodes. Thanks to NetSuite, Fresh Produce Group saw the efficiency of its operational processes skyrocket, as well as the visibility and transparency of its financial planning and inventory control. The higher efficiency was reflected in annual savings of $ 1 million thanks to less shrink and fewer FTEs.

Scalable platform for rapid expansion The possibility of managing higher inventory volumes enabled Fresh Produce Group to expand, while only marginally increasing the size of the administrative workforce. NetSuite can be deployed quickly at new locations and for new users, enabling a company to grow exponentially without suffering from delays and miscellaneous costs that are part and parcel of most on-premise technology.

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