NetSuite and

Toorank International Spirits

A higher predictability in the medium and long term offers the management board a good overview and increases the span of control and customer satisfaction significantly.

Toorank facilitates ambitious growth strategy with NetSuite

With more than 70 employees and a production of over 1,000 different alcoholic beverages, Toorank International Spirits is a leading player in the international beverage industry. Toorank has strong own brands such as Sloane’s (gin), Coppa (cocktails) and Van Meer’s (liqueurs) and a wide range of third-party and private label products that are all globally distributed. With these products they distinguish themselves by outstanding quality of products, flexible product possibilities and exceptional service. With an ambitious growth strategy, the recent management buy-out of Toorank by Natal da Graça and Henny Tadema was finalized in March of 2019. Product range optimization, operational efficiency and a continued increase in the service level are key elements of the strategy. In order to realize this strategy, Toorank has opted for a company-wide re-automation with the NetSuite platform of FoodQloud.

Fully-comprehensive company-wide platform in the cloud

Natal and Henny explain their choice for this ERP and CRM solution that runs entirely in the cloud: ‘Solid and future-proof automation is the catalyst for innovation in a business and for standardizing processes. We are currently working with an outdated automation situation that uses many separate on-premise applications and databases. This leads to many time-consuming manual actions in order to align the processes, leaving more room for error. NetSuite offers a fully-comprehensive platform in the cloud that supports all business processes ranging from account management, procurement, retailing, CRM, quality, complaint management, inventory management and production to WMS. All information is managed centrally from a uniform data model and therefore is available to all roles. In addition, this integration provides a very reliable cost calculation.’

The specific requirements of a craft drinks producer

As an alcoholic beverages producer, Toorank deals with high standards from its customers and strict requirements from the government with respect to quality and financial administration. In order to meet these standards, FoodQloud offers the beverage industry a specific NetSuite add-on, called Crafted ERP. Da Graça: ‘With this add-on essential functionalities such as excise duty administration, recipe management and real-time insight in tank levels, production progress and inventory are covered. We are able to optimize the production process and general supply chain with the neatly-organized NetSuite planning dashboards. A higher predictability in the medium and long term offers the management board a good overview and increases the span of control and customer satisfaction significantly. Moreover, customers have their own account in the system so they can view their own inventory and can make their own production planning and place orders. Quality is another guiding element in the business operations. With the QA and QC possibilities of Crafted ERP and the NetSuite apps of FoodQloud we can gain even more control over quality assurance. Also, the speed and reliability of our tracking and tracing services will increase.’

Increased efficiency and insight due to reports

Insight in process performance, finances, suppliers, customers and employees is essential if you want to make strategic choices enabling growth in your organization. NetSuite can provide this insight with the integrated BI tool SuiteAnalytics that is automatically included. As CEO, Da Graça is particularly looking forward to working with the dynamic financial reports: ‘We can track all completed transactions in real time. This way, we can directly monitor information on margins of, for instance, production runs. Currently, these calculations are done manually and retrospectively through Excel, which is a very time-consuming process. Another benefit is the uniformity in KPIs that we are now able to implement. No ambiguous interpretations, but instead accurate and uniform measurements and goals. This way, we have the means to realize the desired growth and measure it at the same time!’

Choose FoodQloud

Because only a 100% solution is good enough.

Automatic upgrades from the cloud: 

never again have to deal with costly re-implementation

Customisation and interfaces are easy to achieve

and are an automatic component of the upgrade process

Work seamlessly across borders: 

Consolidate and control from a single application and database

Total solution:

ERP, CRM, HRM and even E-Commerce & POS

OPEX instead of CAPEX:

No prior substantial investment in permits

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